Try the Google’s Site Kit WordPress Plugin And See Your Analytics Inside WordPress Dashboard

WordPress is perhaps the most popular CMS out there and Google receives a significant number of queries about everything WordPress. Given the rising curve, WordPress has long been on Google’s radar.

To improve the integration, Google has stepped forward and released a unified open-source plugin, Google Site Kit for WordPress, which webmasters can use to monitor, analyze, and improve their websites’ performance effectively.

google site kit

What Does the Google Site Kit Plugin Do?

The Google Site Kit WordPress plugin helps you connect to six different Google services. For most of those services, it also helps you view data from that service inside your WordPress dashboard.

Site Kit is a plugin that enables you to connect your WordPress website with these six Google services:

  1. Search Console. With Search Console, you can monitor your site’s traffic, its performance, and indexing status.
  2. Analytics. Google’s popular web analytics tool provides you with massive amounts of data about your site’s visitors, which is invaluable for marketing and optimization.
  3. AdSense. If you want to monetize your website using ads, AdSense is one of the most popular platforms you can use to insert ads.
  4. PageSpeed Insights. This tool enables you to test your website’s performance. It returns an overall score, as well as a broad range of suggestions on how to improve your desktop and mobile experiences.
  5. Tag Manager. This service enables you to add tracking pixels and snippets to your website without modifying code manually.
  6. Optimize. With Optimize, you can run in-depth A/B tests for your website. It integrates with Google Analytics to give you better insights into results.

It’s important to understand that Site Kit is not a replacement for any of the services we listed above. Rather, it simplifies the process of integrating them with WordPress. For example, if you haven’t already manually added Google Analytics to your site, Site Kit can help you add the tracking code.

Once your services are integrated, Site Kit also enables you to access key metrics from inside your WordPress dashboard. With Google Analytics, for example, you can view your overall traffic, impressions, clicks, and goals.

You don’t need a plugin to help you connect any of those services with your WordPress website, but Site Kit makes the process a lot easier. All you have to do in most cases is click some buttons to provide a few authorizations.

Pros and Cons of the Google Site Kit Plugin


  • Combines many popular Google products into one interface in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Very convenient to be able to view unified stats without leaving WordPress. For example, you can see both search queries from Search Console and analytics from Google Analytics.
  • You can easily assess performance for different pages on your site thanks to the built-in PageSpeed Insights integration.
  • Code-free setup process – all you do is click some buttons.
  • 100% free and officially supported by Google.


  • Not as detailed as some plugins built for specific services. For example, it can’t help you set up Google Analytics event tracking, which is something the popular Google Analytics plugins allow for.
  • Google still seems to be working out some kinks, as evidenced by the reviews and my experience with stats in the WordPress toolbar. Hopefully this improves in the future.

Is using Google Site Kit worth it for your website?

Overall, Site Kit can be a valuable addition to your WordPress plugin lineup, especially if you use multiple services. That said, it doesn’t replace the need to visit each the actual website for each service from time to time. For example, while you can get a peek at your most important Google Analytics metrics from your WordPress dashboard, you’ll still need to use the Google Analytics dashboard to access all the information.

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