The Guaranteed Method For Setting Up Analytics to monitor your organic traffic

Google Analytics is an analytics tool that gives you an extremely in-depth look at your website and/or app performance. It integrates with all of Google’s marketing products (including Google Ads, Search Console, and Data Studio) making it a popular choice for anyone using multiple Google tools.

Here’s why every business owner needs Google Analytics

google analyticsWe’ve all seen it happen — a new business launches in what seems like a prime location, only to close just months later. Unfortunately, this is the simple reality of business. A great location with exposure to consumers is important, but also entirely pointless if people just walk on by.

Therein lies the greater challenge of marketing.

Anyone can buy exposure, but how do you turn that exposure into something positive? And when buying exposure via digital marketing – where you can’t literally see who’s walking in and out of your shop – how do you even know whether your campaigns are working?

How Can Google Analytics Help My SEO?

Google Analytics provides access to a massive amount of data related to how users find and interact with your site.

For example, you can see how many people visited a specific page, how long they remained there, where your users live, how certain keywords perform, and so forth.

This information is vital in determining how effective your awesome SEO strategies are – and to uncover areas you can make improvements.

Check your SEO results for two important reasons

  1. Google personalizes search results so your website rankings will be extremely skewed by your previous browsing history. Most notably, all of the previous visits to your own website will artificially increase your website’s rankings because Google uses your browsing history as a ranking factor.
  2. Search engine rankings alone mean absolutely nothing. Just because your website ranks #1 for a handful of keyword phrases doesn’t mean you’re going to get a flood of new leads and sales. Rankings can be a good measure of SEO progress over time, but they should not be viewed and closely monitored as the end goal. The goal is to drive more traffic and more conversions.

That means, if you want to track SEO results, then you need to measure 3 key metrics:

  • Unbiased search engine rankings to see if you’re moving in the right direction over time
  • Website traffic from search engines
  • Website conversions from the search engine traffic

Thankfully, Google Analytics puts that all together for you in once place.

Google analytics is a must have tool for every small business. Whether you have a blog, corporate website or online store, Google analytics can tell you a lot of things about your website that you wouldn’t know otherwise.

Analytics is a free product and the installation on your website is very easy. After you install it wait for a few days to gather some data and then start learning more about your website by experimenting with the different reports.

If you are a beginner to Analytics and digital marketing and find all the options confusing, don’t worry things will get much easier once you master the basics.

Familiarize yourself with the reports explained above and then gradually try to explore more reports and options.

Don’t forget to set up your goals so that you can use the data in the reports in a more efficient way, always having in mind that your ultimate goal is to grow your website’s traffic, increase conversions and improve the user experience.

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