Try Dynamic Display Ads and Reach Your Intended Audience

Business enterprises seeking to maintain a competitive edge and growth in a fast-paced commercial environment should consider using Dynamic Display ads. When it comes to digital marketing strategies, Dynamic display ads are a great way to widen your reach to specifically targeted audiences.

Digital marketing refers to the use of the internet and online-based systems to facilitate products and service promotion, often through technological devices such as personal computers, laptops, iPads or mobile phones.

Dynamic remarketing uses personalised promotional messages, to reach targeted customers based on recent browsing or purchase history. Your targeted ads will appear to the customers when they browse through different web pages, social media sites, and mobile applications.

One of the most commonly used sites for creating dynamic remarketing ads is Dynamic Display Ads, a feature of Google Ads. Dynamic display ads is a feature that enables users to create personalized ads or content from a product feed that you have control over, and can easily edit or make changes to. Created ads will then be shared across websites and displayed dynamically to targeted users, who have been automatically profiled by their past online activity.

Google is the most popular dynamic remarketing site in the world, with an estimated reach of over 90% of all internet users. Google’s Dynamic Display Ads enables the creation of ads that will reach large audiences with little or no need for varying the content to fit different market segments or groups. Google will also track customer purchases and would continue to show them the same products or suggest other similar products for them to purchase.

Facebook is another popular dynamic remarketing network with an active user base of over 2.5 Billion. With Facebook, a user can create specifically targeted ads to effectively and affordably connect with the right people across its user base. Facebook advertising features also enable advertisers to upload email lists, that would then be matched with Facebook users profile, and in the process reach millions of other users with similar interests, demographics, and geographical regions.

When to use Dynamic Digital Ads

When determining what kind of digital marketing channels to use, it is important to understand the nature of your products and market segments. Dynamic digital ads will work best for businesses that sell multiple and different products such as a book store, a hardware store or an e-commerce shopping site. Traditional online ads would be more suitable for businesses that sell a handful of products, or unique products.


Compared to other traditional marketing methods, you will also realize that digital advertising using these major remarketing networks will be more affordable and effective. The average cost-per-click ranges from $1 to $2 for Google Ads, and roughly $0.25 for Facebook Ads, and a relatively small business using dynamic digital ads will typically spend between $5,000 and $10,000 monthly. The return on investment for your business will be worth it, as you will experience increased customer traffic within minutes of posting ads, while also benefiting from data and business analytics tools about the performance of your ads.


Using Dynamic digital ads, as a marketing strategy is efficient and effective, as you will be sure to reach your intended audience. Using Google and Facebook to create ads for your business is easy and can be done by following simple instructions provided on their websites. You may therefore not require the services of a professional marketer, and will likely become a professional yourself within a few weeks of learning.

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